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My two bits in the oceans of data.

Dave Barnett

This is my simple part of the w3 where can I post and work on the things I feel are important.

About Me

A little bit about me. My History, Hobbies, Hysterics and my Hate of Alliteration. :)

Skills Background.

SharePoint Admin / Development, SQL Admin, Powershell, MVC, C#, Windows Server Admin, Network Admin, VOIP, Java Script, JAVA, Pearl and many more skills.

Things that intrest me

Motorcycles, airplanes, Sharepoint, operating systems, programing, electronics, rifles, pistol and shotgun competitive shooting, even hiking every now and again. My blog is where I post all of thes things.

Our adventures

Some of the trips and events that did not always make it into the blogs.

My Resume

My education and work history. Details of my skills, education, certifications, and a more.

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My Blog

My latest rants and raves!

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New Touring
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Coffee Shop
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Tea Time
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Mobile First

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